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Bonus Terms & Conditions

  • All promotional bonuses are NON-CASHABLE unless otherwise defined by the Ozlasvegas Casino. Promotional bonuses cannot be taken as winnings but help in creating winnings and bonus cash functions for improved play-time. The bonuses will be deducted from winnings and not be returned to the account. All the bonus money will be deducted at the point of withdrawal from the overall sum of cash-out.
  • If a player wishes to claim a bonus, it must be redeemed by him/her before placing any wagers with their deposit. It’s the sole responsibility of the player to contact the Customer Support to get guided in redeeming the bonus. However, once the player starts wagering the deposit, he/she forfeits their right to a bonus.
  • If a player redeems a bonus after placing a wager with the deposit, he/she becomes responsible for meeting the play-through and cash-out restrictions before requesting a withdrawal. Before redeeming a bonus, if a player places wagers on the system with their deposit solely, they are not responsible for meeting any play-through requirements to make a withdrawal, however, they are responsible for meeting other conditions as outlined in the Payments section of the website for making a withdrawal as outlined in the Payments section of the website.
  • Unless approved by the management, players cannot redeem additional coupons or promotional offers if they have a balance or pending cash-out. Coupons or promotional offers cannot be clubbed together. The winnings shall turn void in violation of this conduct.
  • Ozlasvegas casino occasionally offers Promotional Coupons as "Free Chips". The maximum withdrawal amount for any free chip given is 1x the value of the free chip. For example, if you are given a AU$100 free chip and request a withdrawal amount of AU$500, only AU$100 will be approved.
  • Free Chips cannot be used in succession by players. Suppose a player redeemed his free chips obtained via the Casino then he/she cannot redeem and withdraw the winnings on the second set of free chips that the player received from the Customer Support. Withdrawals will be denied at the approval stage, in case of violation of the Free Chip rule.
  • Each set of Free Chip offered by the Casino, either from the Marketing team or from the Customer Support team, comes with stipulated play-through and maximum cash-out rules. It’s the sole responsibility of the Player to ensure that they have met those requirements before requesting a withdrawal. The payout will be denied until all conditions are met.
  • If a Player uses a coupon or a promotional offer that he/she isn’t eligible for, then all the winnings created from that promotion stand void.
  • If a player uses a free chip along with deposit bonus for his or her game (Pokie, table games, video poker, keno or other) the play-through requirements for that free chip or deposit bonus will be 50x.
  • The Play-through requirements for bonuses varies with the game type. Standard play-through requirements are:
    • 20x for all Pokie
    • 50x for table games and video poker
  • Few games that are not eligible for above Play-through are listed below
    • Roulette
    • Craps
    • Baccarat
    • Pai Gow Poker
    • Pontoon Blackjack
  • The above games are not eligible for ‘No Play No Max Bonuses’. However, the wagering requirement depends upon the deposited amount plus the promotional bonus.

    For example, if a Player deposits AU$50.00 and redeems a 100% bonus that needs 20X play-through for Pokie and 50x for Table Games, Video Poker and Jackpot games along with a few games will not be considered for wagering, he/she must wager the sum of their deposit (AU$50.00) and the bonus (AU$50.00), which is 20X for Pokie and 50X for Tables and Video poker before cashing out. So the Player must wager AU$100.00 X 20 = AU$2,000.00 for Pokie and AU$100.00 X 50 = AU$5,000.00 before requesting a withdrawal from their account.

  • Maximum Withdrawal: Maximum withdrawal quantity is established only by the sum of the deposit. If the bonus stipulation has a maximum payout of 10x then a AU$100 deposit would have a maximum withdrawal amount of AU$1,000.
  • If a Player has decided to use a bonus or promotion, it's his/her responsibility to ensure that all relevant Play-through conditions are satisfied before requesting withdrawal from Customer Support. Failure in satisfying the play-through requirements will lead to the refusal of withdrawal request.
  • All Deposit Bonuses for Pokie and Keno with No Play-through or Maximum Cash-out (No Play No Max) come with a minimum of 1X Play-through (deposit bonus sum) before the funds are eligible for withdrawal. After the end of the play-through, playing anything other than Bingo, Keno, Pokie or Scrape Card games will invalidate all the winnings. Unless expressly stated, a bonus sum is consistently considered non-cashable and will be taken off the quantity from your withdrawal request.
  • At the time of cashing out, the bonus cash will be taken off from the entire withdrawal amount (i.e. - should a Player redeem a AU$250 bonus and withdraw AU$500, they'll receive AU$250.)
  • If a Player has a pending withdrawal request, he/she may not redeem cashback or monthly insurance bonuses. Also, during this period, the player cannot collect said the promotions nor request them, after the withdrawal request is approved.
  • Ozlasvegas Casino reserves the right to alter or cancel any promotional offer anytime without giving prior information to the Players.
  • A canceled withdrawal will not be counted towards any kind of bonus unless management approves the payout and redeposits it into the Player's account with his/her permission. Also, Comp points cannot be gathered on a cancelled withdrawal that's been redeposited into a Player's account.
  • In case a Player exceeds the maximum cash-out on a coupon, the amount will be deducted whether or not the withdrawal was processed. This excess money may not be used in combination with another promotional offer or as a way to build free comp points up.
  • All promotions are recorded in Eastern Standard Time (North America), UTC 5 hours. Players are requested take this into account while claiming bonuses.
  • Live Dealer games can only be played using resources from Player's Withdrawable Balance. ‘No Deposit Bonuses or bonuses’ cannot be used to play Live Dealer games.
  • If one of a family member or any of the accounts in Player’s home has bonus limitations then identical limitations will be applied to another account in the same household.

No Deposit Bonuses (also known as Free Chip, Processor, Free Spins, Free Roll/Spin, Slot Tournaments) and "No Play No Max" Bonus Rules

  • Back to back free chip on continuous multiple deposits may limit or void the Players’ chances of cashing-out.
  • Players from particular nations may not cash-out of free processor offers. These players may partake in said processors for entertainment purposes only, free of cost. Please contact Customer Support to find out the list of excluded countries to see whether your state is included.
  • Unless exclusively stated by the Casino management, welcome bonuses are restricted to one promotion per Player, per family, per address, per computer.
  • Players can redeem multiple no-deposit bonuses but this is subjected to strict deposit conditions. Free processor offers are meant merely for regular and faithful members with an active depositing account, unless otherwise stated, to cash-out on a free chip offer. Should a Player redeems one ‘No Deposit Bonus’ and is consequently offered another one, then the Player must make a real money deposit into their account to be eligible to redeem the second ‘No Deposit Bonus’.
  • Casino management reserves the right to reject or cancel any promotional offer anytime.
  • In case a Player redeems a ‘No Deposit’ promotional offer that he or she is not entitled to, any winnings generated from that promotion will stand void.
  • Due to smaller amounts and processing fees, any initial withdrawal request resulting from winnings generated off a no-deposit bonus is only going to be paid via on-line electronic payment processes i.e. the subsequent withdrawal methods: Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
  • The Player has the right to just one free chip between deposits; any winnings caused by multiple free chips will be null. For instance, should two free processors be redeemed by a Player in a row, they are not going to have the capacity to get any winnings by playing on said processor hence created. However, they are free to enjoy the casino games on the site.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the max cash-out for all no-deposit bonuses can’t surpass 1 time the sum value of the bonus redeemed. All free chips valued at or below AU$100 will have a cash-out limitation of not more than AU$100.
  • ‘Welcome Courtesy’ bonuses have a maximum withdrawal amount of AU$100.00 for NEW players.
  • Minimum wagering requirements for ‘No Deposit’ bonuses is 20 times the bonus worth for Scratch Cards and Pokie, Keno and Bonus Bingo. The minimum wagering requirement for all ‘No Deposit’ bonuses is 50 times the bonus for all enabled games.
  • The Players must maintain the minimum account balance of AU$5.00 to be eligible for promotions and offers other than a deposit bonus.
  • Insurance and Cash Back promotions may not be claimed and therefore collected if players fail to maintain a minimum balance in their account.
  • If the player plays a game other than the games that are permitted as indicated on the coupon, winnings will be null.
  • Should funds that are won by a Player be higher compared to max cash-out limit, these surplus funds will be removed upon withdrawal. No additional sum will be paid.
  • In case a Player's withdrawals are lower in relation to the deposits they made, they will be eligible for our ‘No Play No Max’ promotion.
  • Blackjack (all sorts), Roulette (all sorts), PaiGow Poker, War, Baccarat, Craps & VP (all kinds) are restricted for ‘No Play No Max’ coupon play; any winnings created off a ‘No Play No Max’ coupon while playing the aforementioned games will be forfeited.
  • If the following games are played using any promotion, the bonus stands void and no winnings will be paid: Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Pontoon21 and PaiGow.
  • Unless otherwise stated, ‘No Play/ No Max’ bonuses may only be used to play Soft Games and Pokie. All other Casino games are restricted and prohibited. Playing a forbidden game using a ‘No Play No Max’ bonus will void any winnings. These terms are valid and appropriate even after play-through conditions are met.
  • If a player has fulfilled the play-through condition using a ‘No Play No Max’ bonus to play a restricted or prohibited game, then all his winnings will be null and void.
  • All ‘No Deposit’ Bonuses are subject to the Wager Conditions and Maximum Withdrawal Limits.
  • Any amount which is over the ‘Maximum Withdrawal Limitation’ will be taken off your balance, even after you have met the Wager Conditions to make a withdrawal.
  • Combining ‘Deposit Bonuses’ and ‘Free Chips’ is not allowed. If a player is found using a deposit bonus and not reducing their balance to AU$5 or less before applying free chip offer, all winnings will be null and void.
  • Combining various deposit bonuses is not allowed. If a player is found to be using one deposit bonus and not reducing their balance to AU$5 or less before using another deposit bonus, all winnings will be null and void.

Cash Back/Insurance

  • Cashback and/or Insurance bonuses may be granted as long as the Player's account balance is zero and there aren't any pending withdrawals in the player’s history.
  • If a Player is eligible for Cashback or Insurance but the account has a balance, the Player may contact Customer Support to claim their cashback or Insurance only after their balance is below AU$5.
  • Insurance bonuses may not be accumulated unless otherwise stated by the Casino Management.
  • Monthly Insurance Bonus and/or Weekly Cash Back bonus has specific regulations, depending on the Player's account status.
  • The sum of the Monthly Insurance amount that is applied to the account is calculated on net deposits. (Net Deposits = Deposits – Withdrawals)
  • Because Cash Back credits are subject to Wager Withdrawal Limitations and Conditions, they cannot be used to enter Tournaments.

Weekly CashBack/Monthly Insurance

  • ‘Weekly Cash Back’ is credited every Monday at 00:01 EST for all players with no pending withdrawals. No withdrawals are authorized in the next seven days for the accounts with balance (playable and/or bonus balance) less than AU$5.00.
  • ‘Weekly Cash Back’ bonus comes with a 30X wagering condition (60X for Table Games and Video Poker).
  • ‘Weekly Cash Back’ is computed on all net deposits (minimum AU$100) which were made over the preceding seven days.
  • If the ‘Weekly Cash Back’ promotion is 10% of the deposit. For example, if the player deposits AU$100 for the week, they will receive a credit of AU$10.
  • Unless stated expressly, the ‘Weekly Cash Back’ bonus includes 5X the maximum withdrawal. However, withdrawal is restricted to a maximum of AU$100 if the cashback credit is less than AU$100.
  • Monthly Insurance is credited during the first five days of the month for all players with no pending withdrawals, no authorized withdrawals within the proceeding seven days, and a balance (playable and/or bonus balance) of less than AU$5.00.
  • Monthly insurance comes with a 20X/50X play-through condition (50X for table games and video poker)
  • Monthly insurance is calculated on the previous month’s net deposit.
  • If the Monthly insurance amount for your play level is 15% and you’ve deposited AU$1000 in the previous month, you will receive a AU$150 credit.