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We want our association with you to be a long and friendly one. Our belief in developing a responsible relationship with you has instigated us to provide a gambling guideline. Like a guiding star, it will help you out in enjoying gambling to the fullest without getting entangled in the loop of winning and losing.

For Responsible Gaming Ozlasvegas Suggests

  • Set the deposit limit at the very beginning of the session. Get in touch with the customer support team to set your daily deposit limit.
  • It is also necessary for you to draw a line when you shall stop waging in case of loss. For this we recommend you to set limits to the loss that you can bear in a day. You’ll be more confident like this. Try it!
  • Setting a time limit is also important. Play only for a limited duration.
  • Gambling by no means shall be considered as the alternate source of income neither shall it be considered a way to recover from debt.
  • Never gamble online under the influence of alcohol or any other drug/medication.

Here are the few websites that may help you in gambling responsibly by providing additional information and assistance. We highly recommend you to go through the detailed guidelines before you start with online gambling games. Is Only For Netizens Who Are 18 Years And Older

In our endeavor to develop a responsible gaming culture, we have restricted the use of our games and services to netizens who are 18 years and older. While in most of the countries it is illegal for citizens under 18 years of age to bet, consequently reserves the right to demand certification of age from any of its players and go for the verification of information thus provided. may also seek assistance from the third party for the verification purpose. However, your privacy matters a lot to us and in no scenario, it will be compromised as we deploy highly sophisticated verification processes. So rest assured and play smartly.

How To View The Gambling Addiction?

Is it that time when you need to introspect your gaming pattern? Are you noticing behavioral changes in you and these changes are toying with your daily routine? So here is a quick quiz to help you in determining whether you’ve become addicted to gambling or not.

Though this is not a comprehensive list of the questionnaire, however, it will give you a fair enough idea about your behavioral changes.

  • 1. Do you ignore your work to gamble?
  • 2. You gamble to escape monotony.
  • 3. You gamble because you are sad about something.
  • 4. When you lose a big amount, do you continue gambling to cover the losses?
  • 5. Have you started lying to gamble?
  • 6. Do you frequently lie about your loses in gambling?
  • 7. Are stealing, borrowing has become a new norm for you?
  • 8. Do you have plans on how you’ll be spending the winning amount?
  • 9. Is gambling your only interest now?
  • 10. Do feel disgusted, frustrated and disappointed all the time?

When Gambling Is No More Fun To You

We endorse responsible gaming, but if at any point if you feel like addicted to the same we have in place various services that may truly help you in de-addiction. Self-exclusion being one of them. Under this, you can close your account for a minimum period of six months to five years to keep yourself away from the gaming world. This is a very helpful technique and shall help you in rebounding in a dignified manner. Call or mail us to know more about this service.

Restricted Services For Limited Playing Options

It’s not good to be spoiled by choices in the gambling world, which is why Ozlasvegas has the option where you can choose to access few particular services only or the ones with which you are completely comfortable. By restricting the use of services and products in the gambling website you can control your urge to gamble limitlessly. If you want to try out the restrictions we would be more than happy to help and we are just a call away because we truly care for our members.

Limit Your Deposit Amount

This is one of the most effective ways to control the amount that you want to gamble with. Set your daily deposit limit and you won’t have the option to wager a large amount that can cause trouble in future. However, at any point of time if you think that the moment has arrived when you are ready to increase the deposit limit then this can be done too. For the entire process to complete it will take around seven business days and you can get the limits increased.

Parental Control

If you are a parent or a guardian and worried about your child’s access to the internet then there are various third party software available in the digital hemisphere that may help in restricting their use of the World Wide Web.

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